Hygge (pronounced "who gah") Might Be just What The Doctor Ordered

I remember growing up and sometimes hearing people talk about being busy, and life being too hard, but as I’ve gotten older I feel that this narrative for people who I come in contact with has grown immensely, and taken a major shift towards the negative. I regularly hear people describing their lives as if they’re victims for merely existing. So, in honor of this being Thanksgiving week I wanted to share something that I think is worth considering.

My fiance Mallory has been talking about the Scandinavian practice of Hygge for a while, and for that I’m very grateful because I am not very Hygge most of the time… Denmark has annually been recognized as the happiest country on Earth, and Danish people will usually credit this to Hygge. It’s simple: take care of and enjoy yourself, create a positive/natural environment around you, and nourish the relationships around you. Well that’s my take away from all that I hear – I’m sure there is a fuller answer that you’d probably rather read, but I recommend just checking out some videos online. Below is one of the videos that I found interesting.¬†There is a short bit of political commentary, which isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if you would like to talk to me about that feel free to shoot me a message – I love a good philosophical conversation. I’m sharing this video hoping to encourage people to engage with themselves and their loved ones maybe a little bit differently this year – a little more intentionally.

Working in the real estate industry means coming in close contact with how people feel about themselves and their home environments, and everybody has their own set of personal issues that causes anxieties, I promise. But I do want to support and promote healthy living when I can, and so I hope you enjoy this video, and I’d love whatever feedback you might have.

Oh, and I hope you have a very Hygge day!