*If you are not a Real Estate professional please feel free to ignore this post. We are hoping to have a great event, so that we can better serve the state of Oklahoma, so please excuse the cheesy enthusiasm.

Over the last few years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn about the Real Estate industry, but as I’ve learned about housing I’ve also learned some very pivotal lessons about life. I managed a store for a few years after I graduated from college, and I managed a team of teenagers. It could be rewarding, and also very frustrating. I pined for a time when I would have peers who could understand my plight, since I was on an island with no equal, only bosses and subordinates.

Joining the Real Estate industry has been an entirely different experience for a few reasons, but maybe the biggest difference is that I have peers of all ages, creeds, motivations, etc. It has been very rewarding, and collaborative events like this one really call to me after having experienced something a bit different. If you are a Real Estate professional, or you know any, please come or encourage them to come to this event. It takes diligence to keep our market and industry well oiled so that we can better serve Oklahoma.


OwnOK – The Future of Oklahoma Real Estate


Petroleum Club | 100 N. Broadway | Oklahoma City 73102

OwnOK is a special event brought to you by the partnership of the Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers AssociationOklahoma State Home Builders Association, the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® and Oklahoma Land Title Association. By attending, you’ll be provided:

  • An insider’s scoop on relevant content that affects the entire real estate industry
  • Great opportunity to network with other related industry professionals
  • Exceptional lineup of high-caliber speakers you normally only see at national events
  • Opportunity to help coordinate efforts to affect policy
  • At lunch with Pete Winemiller of the OKC Thunder, you’ll get these additional takeaways!
    • Feel the power of thinking bit & ACTING SMALL
    • Find out how to CLICK!TM with your customers
    • Commit to an “Attitude of Invitation”
    • Business goes where it is invited, but stays where it is appreciated
  • The cost is just $55—lunch included!



David Stevens
President and CEO, National Mortgage Bankers Association and former Assistant Secretary for Housing at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Gene Marks
The Marks Group, P.C.
columnist, author and small business owner who writes forThe Washington PostForbes,Inc. MagazineFox BusinessThe Huffington Post, andEntrepreneur.com
Jack Konyk

Executive Director, Government Affairs, Weiner Brodsky Kider, P.C.
35+ years experience in all facets of retail banking and lending, both consumer and commercial
Pete Winemiller
Senior Vice President,
Guest Relations
Oklahoma City Thunder
People do not remember days, they remember moments – Moments Matter! Your verbal and nonverbal communication with customers can make or break consumer loyalty in a split second. That is because customers think more about their experiences with people than they do about products and services. Research shows retaining a consumer or sending him/her off to the competition comes down to the sum of countless interactions between customer and employee.

It’s Pete’s job to create repeat customers in a business environment where you cannot control the level of success on the basketball court (the purchased product), but you can control what happens in the stands (the customer experience).


Registration Open
HUD and Issues Affecting Mortgage and Housing Markets
David Stevens
The Next 2 Years: Your Growth and Opportunities
The Latest Political, Economic, Technological and Management Trends That Will Dominate Your Business Through 2017
Gene Marks
Real Estate CE: 1-GEN (Elective)
Coffee Break
RESPA/TILA Integration—The Times, They Are A-Changing (AGAIN)!
Jack Konyk
Real Estate CE: 1-HOT (Core)
Moments Matter! Building a Culture that Empowers Employees, Benefits Customers and Creates Loyalty Inside and Out
Pete Winemiller, OKC Thunder

OwnOK is brought to you through a partnership of Oklahoma’s leading organizations in the real estate industry.

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