How to make Cold Brew Coffee | Mike Cooper

So it’s that time of year when Real Estate is going 100 MPH, and for that reason I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging quite as much. I have had several deals that happened so fast that I didn’t have much time to sit and think about writing.

Well today I decided that it was time to start writing again, and there are several things related to Real Estate that I will be writing about. However, I decided that today it would be fun to tell you something that might be relatable even if you aren’t interested in talking about houses right now.

Have you ever heard of Cold Brew Coffee? 6 months ago I found out that I’m allergic to wheat, and when I stopped eating wheat I decided to explore other dietary changes. While I was still eating wheat I was having more and more health trouble that was just entirely frustrating. One of the worst things about this trouble was my inability to drink coffee without getting very sick and throwing up… Yeah, I know that’s gross – but on busy days when I needed something to get me going it was frustrating that I couldn’t drink coffee due to the acidity! I’ve gotten back to where I can drink moderate amounts off regular coffee, but I also discovered Cold Brew Coffee! This just means that course coffee grounds are allowed to soak in water for about 1 day in a covered container in a refrigerator, and then the grounds are filtered out. It is WAY less acidic, and it tastes much richer actually. So, since this is a page where we often talk about productivity and making things happen I figured it would be a good place to share this wonderful discovery for people who might have a similar trouble with coffee, or for people who just want to drink better coffee, with pretty minimal effort. I hope you enjoy!