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Oklahoma Continues ‘Bleeding’ College Graduates | KGOU

I've had multiple conversations with people who did not think that this was true, but in large part this is a conversation that we've been having in Norman about Norman more specifically. I anecdotally believe that graduates and those just older are leaving town, and...

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Home Buying Workshop Success – Taking The First Steps

Last week a few of my home buying expert friends and I put on a workshop addressing the process of buying a home, and how someone can set themselves up for success. We had a lot of fun, and there was great conversation. We will be hosting another event like this...

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New Listing Alert!!! – Amazing Custom Home in Carrington Place

This gorgeous custom home in north Norman is now on the market and ready to show off! There is a lot that I love about this home, but I personally love the the master closet has a secret door to the laundry room. Being an extrovert definitely draws me to the wonderful...

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Home Buyer 101 Workshop on 3/27/19 (FREE DINNER)

I have worked with a lot of clients over the last 5+ years, and there have been many times when I wished that I could get several experts/advisors together to answer my peoples' questions all at once. Well, that is happening next...

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At the One Year Mark, Tariffs Still Bite – Steven Rattner

With a large number of people expecting an economic downturn sometime in the next year it's important that we keep an eye on global markets. Places like Oklahoma won't be affect as severely when crashes happen, but we will be affected. There are people who would...

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Roadmap to Buying Your First Home | From The Art of Manliness

There is a website that I was introduced to a few years ago called "The Art of Manliness", and it turns out that I like it more than I thought I would. I figured that it would be a site written about how to convince yourself that you're tougher, and cooler than...

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