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How Much Should You Save Every Month?

Millenials get a bad rap on a regular basis, and I'm definitely happy to be a defender of my generation in a few ways. Without slinging mud about our cohorts financial future I find it vital to talk about the very real metrics that we face in terms of federal...

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Millennials Prioritize Owning a Home Over…

As a millenial who owns a home and is soon getting married I don't feel that this article speaks to me entirely, and I think that's partially because the market that I live in is not exactly as extreme and unpredictable as more populous coastal cities. I have found...

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Have You Registered Your Storm Shelter?

With tornado season approaching central Oklahoma it's time to make sure that your storm shelter is registered with the municipality in which you live. If you live in Norman like me then you need to visit the link below to make sure that you've registered. This has...

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