How To Winterize Your Home

How To Winterize Your Home

Exercise, getting good sleep, eating well, laughing at yourself – there are some things in life that might not initially feel worthwhile, but we truly know they are. Taking care of your home can feel like a chore (I mean it’s the immediate image in my head when I think of a chore), but the effort at the end of the day will come back to us in spades. It’s important for people to know the condition and health of their home, so winterizing your house is not only a good way to maintain your house but it serves also as a periodic check-up so that you don’t miss something that could otherwise grow into a larger problem. Read over this little list and start putting a few items on your calendar, or in your reminders on your phone. You won’t regret it!


Lowe’s How To Winterize Your Home

Make sure your home is safeguarded against subfreezing temperatures. Our checklist will help you ensure you’re prepared.


  1. Protect Your Pipes
    Depending on the region of the United States you’re in, you’ll need to protect your pipes from bursting this winter.
    Frozen Pipes: Prevention and Repair
    Shop Pipe Insulation
  2. Time to Weatherproof
    Weatherstripping or installing storm doors and windows will prevent cold air from entering your home or heat from escaping it, which will reduce your power bills.
    Install a Storm Door
    Install a Door Sweep
    Weatherstrip Your Doors
    Weatherstrip Your Windows
    Shop Door Sweeps

    Shop Weatherstripping
  3. Check your Fireplace
    Animal nests or creosote buildup in your fireplace can be hazardous. Have an annual inspection before building your first fire of the season.
    Clean Your Fireplace
    Shop Fireplaces and Stoves
  4. Block the Cold
    Caulk around windows and use foam outlet protectors to prevent cold air from entering your home. However, the majority of heat loss typically occurs via openings in the attic. Check to make sure that you have enough insulation.
    Caulk Buying Guide
    How To Caulk
    Insulation Buying Guide
    Install Insulation
    Shop Caulk
    Shop Insulation and Accessories
  5. Change Your Thermostat
    Have you switched out your thermostat to a programmable version? If not, add this one to your list. A programmable thermostat lets you customize your heating so the system doesn’t run when you don’t need it. You can program the thermostat for one temperature when you’re at home and another when you’re away.

    Install a Programmable Thermostat
    Shop Programmable Thermostats
  6. Protect Your Plants
    You’ll need to bring plants and flowering trees inside before the first cold snap. Typically, you should bring your plants in before temperatures dip below 45 degrees.
    Winterize Your Garden
    Understanding Frost and Freeze Dates
    Shop Plant Protection
  7. Bring in the Outdoors
    Cold temperatures, snow and ice can damage outdoor furniture and grills. If possible, store them in the garage or basement. If you have a gas grill with a propane tank, close the tank valve and disconnect the tank first. It must be stored outside. If you don’t have storage space for your items, purchase covers to protect them from the elements. You also need to maintain your grill and cover it before putting it away for the season.
    Clean and Maintain Your Grill
    Shop Grill Covers
    Shop Outdoor Furniture Covers
  8. Maintain your Outdoor Equipment
    Outdoor power equipment such as mowers and string trimmers need to be cleaned and maintained prior to storing them. If you have a snow blower, it’s time to inspect it before the first snowfall to ensure it’s working properly. This is also a good time to stock up on ice melt.

    Why Own a Generator
    Caring for Outdoor Power Equipment
    Shop Outdoor Power Equipment
    Shop Ice Melt
  9. Save on Your Energy Bills
    Call your local power company to see if they conduct energy saving assessments. It’s often a free service in which a representative will identify specific changes to make your home more energy efficient and save you money. In addition to the suggestions above, LED light bulbs and hot water heater blankets can also make a difference.
    Shop LED Light Bulbs
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New Listing Alert – Central Norman Church Site For Sale

New Listing Alert – Central Norman Church Site For Sale

Do you know a church family looking for a new church home?

If you know anyone looking for a new place to take their church congregation this is a great medium sized church building ready for a new group. The building was designed as a church, though the land remains zoned residential (R1) with a special use for a church. The building features: a full auditorium with seating space for up to 146 chairs, a sound booth, kitchen, a stage, an office just next to the stage, and of course 2 restrooms. The exterior features 60 parking spaces (including a covered drop-off area), and plenty of green space. There are also 2 sheds on the East side. Located just a few minutes from The University of Oklahoma there is plenty of potential for someone to plant themselves into this centrally located property.

Walk Through Tour - 2323 Classen (Cornerstone Church)

New Listing Alert!!! More details ---> you know anyone with a religious family that is hoping to find a new mid-sized church building? If so we might just have the ticket right here! The layout is simple and open, and with 60 parking spaces and a good sized lot there is plenty of potential for a multifunctional schedule and a good sized crowd when needed. If someone you know might be interested in a property like this have them call their Realtor to set up a showing.

Posted by Grady Carter - Home Boy Real Estate on Friday, October 26, 2018

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New Listing Alert – Industrial Norman Condo with 2 Suites!

New Listing Alert – Industrial Norman Condo with 2 Suites!

So Fresh And So Cleeeeeean!

This place is sleek, stunning, and a slice of the simple life. Located minutes away from The University of Oklahoma, and multiple shopping centers, the general convenience of location a plus. This particular unit is upgraded with several high end finishes, including wood floors, and granite counters. Most of the condos in the Triad Village complex are 3 bedroom, but with the same amount of space #18 was designed for someone wanting 2 oversized suites. Make sure to watch the guided video tour to get an idea of how well the space is layed out. If you want to simplify your life and build some equity schedule and appointment to check this one out today!

Walk Through Tour - 375 Triad Village #18

New Listing Alert!!!This bad boy would be a great move for someone hoping to simplify life, but live in a high end property. To see the full listing just click on this link:

Posted by Grady Carter - Home Boy Real Estate on Friday, October 19, 2018

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The Sting of Higher Rates – Steve Rattner

The Sting of Higher Rates – Steve Rattner

I fear that this might initially seem like a topic that is not interesting enough to hold many people’s ever shrinking attention spans, but there are a few principles that can be helpful for someone who is thinking about buying real estate with a loan related to the coming rise in interest rates. When the Federal Reserve keeps rates low (as they have for the last decade, to spur on economic growth/recovery) people tend to borrow more money, because it’s cheaper to borrow. Since people are able to borrow more they often find that prices rise faster because there are more people with more money burning a hole in their pocket. If you’ve been tracking real estate you will have surely noticed in most markets that prices have risen quite a bit over the last decade. And with people moving back into urban centers those prices have jumped more – while some rural markets have lagged behind.

So, maybe you are thinking about buying something sometime soon and you’re possibly afraid of overpaying, and/or having a rate that is higher than you want it to be? The historic average in recent decades on a mortgage interest rate is about 7%. So rates going over 5% is still relatively low. However, people are borrowing more money for homes that are larger (although that is trending down, particularly in urban areas), so people are still needing to figure out the balance of their own personal priorities. Coming up with a game plan can be somewhat complicated, but certain aspects of the search don’t have to be. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you don’t know something, and ask for advice. Call your Realtor, and your lender to see what your options are if you think you might want to buy property. Making a plan is really in your best interest. This article might sound doom and gloom, but it doesn’t have to be entirely. Rates will rise, and things will change – so make a plan. Now go find a way to enjoy this day, and I hope you enjoy this article.


The Sting of Higher Rates – Steve Rattner

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Steven Rattner discussed the implications of rising interest rates on would-be homeowners, the stock market, and federal borrowing. Interest rates are on the rise, causing pain for Americans seeking mortgages and contributing significantly to the recent swoon in the stock market. Over the past year, the average rate on new 30 year mortgages has risen by a full percentage point, from just over 4% to just over 5%. That puts the cost of a new mortgage at the highest rate since early 2011. The increase has been largely driven by a similar rise in rates on US Treasuries. As a result, the housing market has already begun to soften. Existing home sales have fallen 6.6% from November 2017 and the sales of new homes have fallen even faster, by 11.6%. New housing starts and homebuilder sentiment has similarly declined. Interest rates normally rise later in the recovery cycle but the recent increase has been unusually fast and is due, at least in part, to rising federal borrowing. In the past 12 months, the government borrowed just over $1 trillion of new funds, almost exactly double what it borrowed in the preceding 12 months. And that high level is projected to remain indefinitely. On top of that, the average interest rate that the government pays has risen substantially, from just over 2% during the previous several years to almost 2.4% at present. As a result of these two factors, the government’s interest costs have begun to rise and are projected to increase more steeply. While the government deficit has been rising, its interest expense has remained relatively stable (until now) because rates were low. But now, interest expense will become a bigger cost for the government than Medicaid in 2020 and by 2023, interest expense is projected to be higher than the entire cost of our military budget. (Fun fact: our federal interest expense is now larger than the entire GDP of Belgium.)

Steve Rattner is the Chairman and CEO of Willett Advisors LLC, which invests former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s personal and philanthropic assets. He is the Economic Analyst for MSNBC’s Morning Joe and is a Contributing Writer for the Op-Ed page of The New York Times.