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A trusted advisor, Grady enjoys helping people take ownership in their lives. In talking about his motivation to become a real estate professional he cites his angst in watching people work hard and still struggle not to fall behind in life. Grady strives to help people better understand real estate basics, as well as detailed market patterns. The bottom line is that Grady is a helper.

Grady learned the beauty and value of home ownership from his parents.  His dad has been a mortgage lender for more than three decades, and prior to being a Realtor Grady flipped houses with his mom.  Like all walks of life, not everyone in the real estate industry thinks of others before themselves. Grady has grown a reputation for being willing to go the extra mile, and seeing an opportunity to help others attracted Mr. Carter to getting his real estate license.  He knew that he could fill the gap that he heard people describe in property acquisitions while renovating and selling houses with his mom several years ago. He is a tireless advocate for his clients.

In 2015, Grady received the Horizon Award from the Norman Board of Realtors recognizing him as the outstanding Realtor with 5 years of experience or fewer.  In 2016, Grady participated in Leadership OAR (Oklahoma Association of Realtors), as just one of seven selected statewide. And in 2017-2018 Grady was the class speaker for his Leadership Norman class. He has served on multiple committees at the state and local levels for his industry, as well as being on the board of directors for the Norman Board of Realtors. Grady is a participator, and his servant-hearted approach to his career serves both his community and his clients.  He continues to serve as an advocate for property rights at the state and local levels.

I recently bought my first house and Grady made it not only a stress free process, but a fun process. I actually miss seeing houses with Grady! Being a first time buyer, I needed a lot of help understanding the process of buying, knowing the value of properties and what in a house was important to me. Grady could not have been more help, or more patient with me. Grady was incredibly responsive, and I always felt like I was a priority. He also gave really great input on the houses we saw, whether it be positive or negative. In fact the he would consistently find and show me negatives I might have missed, and then went over with me the value of the problems. His knowledge of the area and of home building in general impressed me. I would recommend Grady to anyone in an instant.

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