Wheeler District – Are You Ready For A Tiny House?

Ever since I was a little boy I would tell my mom that I could live in really odd little spaces – but mostly tree houses and sheds. There has always been a strong appeal to me to having a simple and clean living space. I currently have that more than I ever have before, my house is just over 1,100 square feet. I chose to live where I do because I love the location, and I love the old charm of this little house. I had to stop to look around and admire it for a second… Well, the world has apparently caught up to my way of thinking and they’ve been obsessing over tiny houses for the last few years. My favorite one I’ve seen was probably the “Shotgun House” that Chip and Joanna Gaines redid on Fixer Upper. Oklahoma City will be getting a district filled with tiny houses soon, and I can’t wait to see how this deal plays out. If you’re interested in simplifying your life maybe aiming to have a smaller (but still functional space) is the way to go. Just click picture of the”Shotgun House” below if you want to flip through the pictures. Who else out there is excited to see how this plays out in OKC?!

Designed through a community charrette in the summer of 2014, Wheeler is first to expand the modern development footprint to the south bank of the Oklahoma River. Its layout encourages walking or bicycling to school, work, dining, the Ferris wheel and beyond. From urban cottages to townhomes, Wheeler features a range of for-sale and for-rent housing for pioneering families that want the convenience and quality of a newly constructed home connected to the amenities and offerings of Oklahoma City’s dynamic urban core.

Source: About – Wheeler District

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