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Kyle Got A Seat At The Table!

One of my favorite things about having moved home is that I seem to know people most of the places that I go. I’ve now had 2 friends become members of the Norman City Council – Kyle Allison, and Stephen Tyler Holman. While you’re very different from one another you both share a passion for our home town, and for that I’m even more proud to call you my friends. Congratulations Kyle!


Kyle Allison takes seat on Norman City Council
FROM STAFF REPORTS| January 22, 2015

NORMAN — Kyle Allison, 28, has been sworn in as the Ward 8 city councilman.

He replaces Dan Quinn, who was appointed last year when Chad Williams resigned to take a job out of state.

Municipal Court Judge David Poarch administered the oath of office Tuesday. Allison ran unopposed for the seat.

Incumbent council members Greg Heiple in Ward 1, Robert Castleberry in Ward 3, and Stephen Tyler Holman, Ward 7, also ran unopposed for their seats but will not be sworn in for their new terms until July 1.

Incumbent Ward 5 Councilwoman Lynne Miller is seeking a second term and will face Bobby Stevens on an April 7 ballot.

Quinn had agreed to temporarily fill the Ward 8 post after Williams left.

A Personal Story For Your Troubles – Why My Friend Should Win!

I come before you today to discuss a personal matter. I want to make sure that I’m as human as I can be with this site, but I have tried to be very conscientious about not being unreasonably informal. With that said I’m going to do something a bit unorthodox today, and that is to write a quick story about a dear friend of mine, Gavin Rogers. Gavin is attempting to be temporarily appointed to the San Antonio City Council, until they vote in mid 2015. If you live in San Antonio please contact your council person and ask them to appoint Gavin for this temporary seat!

Gavin and I met 6 and a half years ago at a summer camp in Missouri, K-Kauai (which is the family camp in Branson, MO, not Hawaii, tied in with the Kanakuk Camp enterprises, and really a magical place). I didn’t get to go to Kanakuk as a kid because it cost a bit 20 times as much as the camp that my parents went to in the Wichita Mountains of southwest Oklahoma (Quartz Mountain Christian Camp), so instead I just decided to work their for 3 summers in college, and get paid to play! Gavin and I were actually only there for 3 days together, but we’ve kept up over the years, and have talked on the phone at least every few months. Earlier this year he and I went to our dear friend James Slagle’s wedding in Minnesota together, and after that we just talked more and more – and he actually parlayed that into tricking me into going to Egypt with him… I blogged about Egypt on here, so feel free to read about it if you’d like to, just click on one of the links below:

The Fringe of Cairo & Suez

In The Rough: Finding Family In Egypt

I am having a great urge to just tell you everything that I can think of about this trip, and our experiences in Egypt, but I want to sum this up so that you can get back to work before your boss sees you on your phone again… Over the last several years I have seen Gavin travel the world some, and he always seems to come home with great stories, and life mementos that will make me think “I need to do stuff like that”, and I’m so glad that I got the chance to in Cairo. With that said, maybe my biggest regret of not taking action to do something radical and impactful (even if only for me) was when a few years ago Gavin asked me to join in for lent in being homeless on the streets of San Antonio for 40 days and I said no… I had a job in Little Rock that I enjoyed and didn’t want to lose, so I just told him no. After that experience Gavin found himself firmly implanted amongst the poor in San Antonio, and he even ended up with a roommate who’d been homeless for many years named “Chilly” Willy. Willy passed away this year, and he didn’t do it alone because Gavin wouldn’t let him be… Gavin is not a perfect person, but feel so strongly in his conviction for his common man that when I heard that he is running for city council in San Antonio I had to write about it… I can be a very emotional person, but I rarely find myself spewing my emotions as I might an second now, but If you pray or live in District 1 of San Antonio please keep my buddy Gavin in mind, and ask your Council person to pick Gavin. He probably won’t love how sappy I’m making this, but I don’t care, I know he’ll honor me for being who I am, just as he honored Tutu in the garbage city of Cairo, and just as he honored “Chilly” Willy. All I want or Christmas is for more people to meet people where they are like my friend Gavin Rogers… I love you buddy, and I can’t believe we get to be friends.

There is a vacancy in District 1, and the council is voting on the replacement for the time being, and there are 14 applicants. This district represents a lot of homeless, and underserved individuals – and there’s no way that anyone can understand that plight better then my buddy Gavin. If you know anyone in San Antonio please send them this link, even if just to make fun of us 🙂

Grady Carter


2014-11-10 18.54.15
This was Tutu’s first time to eat McDonald’s that he hadn’t found in the trash


Gavin’s Buddy “Chilly” Willy

Willy hanging out on the porch, where he spent most of his time.