So I Think I Want To Move, What’s Next?

Are you living well, where you live?

Well hello there,

My name is Grady Carter, and I like to call myself the Home Boy. Did you just find yourself clicking on a link because you have found that Zillow and Pinterest improvements just aren’t curbing your appetite enough anymore? I know that feeling. I’ve made a career out of trying to help people find a better way to live, whether that may mean somewhere new, or renovating where they currently live.

As a big believer in being grateful for what you have I don’t always believe that moving, or renovating the house that you live in is the answer to fixing your problems. But, changing your living situation can be a great reset button to really help improve the way that you live. If you are thinking about changing your living arrangement there are a few things that I would encourage you to consider:

  • owning a home, rather than renting, means that you get to keep most of that money (supposing you don’t stop making payments and have your home taken away in a foreclosure)
  • houses generally appreciate in value, unlike cars, and historically are good investments – this is not a guarantee, and I’m not a financial advisor, but observing how wealthy people spend their money on property seems like a rather solid indicator of the return that you might be able to expect
  • owning a home is a big responsibility – it’s been done billions of times before you’ll do it, but a home is a big decision that is worth learning about (asking questions is always encouraged)
  • finding a place to make your home can be an unbelievable adventure that you could remember for the rest of your life!

Ever since I can remember I’ve been in close proximity to the Real Estate industry. My father has been a Mortgage Banker (lender) ever since I was an infant. Also, for the last few years I’ve been flipping houses with my mother, which has been an unbelievable adventure, but I’ve managed to branch off and manage my own Real Estate endeavors. With this having become such a family based industry it has become very personal. I appreciate the opportunities that I’ve already been given to help people, and I can’t wait to keep moving, and learning! If you find yourself with questions about your house, or your dream house I urge you to contact me however you’d like, this is fun for me!

I want to say thank you to those who’ve given me opportunities, and advised me to this point in my life. I can’t wait to really start sharing what I know about how to approach this faction of life, and I hope that if you’re interested in learning more you’ll honor me with your questions. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!

Grady Carter
Metro Brokers of Oklahoma

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