Good Help Is Hard To Find, But I Found It!

One thing about the housing industry is that you deal with all kinds of people, and thus you’re sure to have varying experiences. So when you encounter someone who is extremely helpful it is worth noting and mentioning to others.

Recently I had some sellers who were in an emergency situation looking for someone who could put on a new roof on a virtually impossible timeline. Well, I had heard good things about Scissor Tail Roofing & Construction based out of Norman, OK and thought I’d suggest giving them a shot at bidding the job. Well, not only did they give a very reasonable bid, and do a great job when it was all said and done, they truly went above and beyond to make this deal and a domino deal waiting on this deal, close on time. I am truly impressed, and I just couldn’t go another minute without sitting down to write this to say – thank you Matt & Joey! If you are needing a new roof in Central Oklahoma I would highly recommend that you give them a chance to bid your next roof!

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Scissortail Roofing

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