Buying A House 101

So, you’re tired of paying rent… I get it. I know that feeling! have you been thinking about buying a house, but you see price tags and you think it’ll be a million years before you can afford to actually buy a house! Well, in the last few years I’ve immersed myself in the world of buying & selling homes, and I’ve discovered a few great truths:

  • Buying a house isn’t nearly as difficult or scary as I would’ve thought 10 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a big deal, but it is totally doable!
  • You are probably paying someone to live where you live – if you get a mortgage you can pay yourself to live in your house!

My father (Kent Carter) has been a Lender/Mortgage Banker for over 3 decades, and he actually served as the President of the Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers Association in 2013 & 2014, and yet for most of my life I didn’t understand what it meant to have a mortgage or buy a home. Imagine yourself paying rent, and most of that rent going back into your pocket (if you just consider your house to be a really big pocket), and then after a period of time the place that you are renting is yours… I mean, you own it, not just it’s the address that you give visitors to come see you temporarily! And believe it or not most rental amounts are considerably more than the amount that someone would pay for a mortgage which would help them own that same property. I don’t intend to promise people that all Real Estate investments are good, but getting to keep your money is great (unless of course if you have a vow of poverty). If you are interested in buying a home there are a few steps that you should take, and a few processes that you should expect to encounter:

  • Talk to a lender, like my dad (unless if you have a Lot of cash)
    • Find out what you can afford monthly and how much you’ll need to put down upfront.
  • Start looking at what about a house is important to you (Number of beds/baths, area, floor plan, helicopter pads….)
  • Find a team of people to help you figure this whole thing out:
    • Realtor: That’s me! You can ask me anything
    • Lender: They can help you budget (talk to them first!)
    • Family/Friends: It matters what they think

A few years ago I decided to move home to help my mom flip houses, and she’s gotten pretty darn good at it… While I was helping her I started hearing people discuss the Real Estate industry and some of it’s pitfalls. I kept hearing that there are a lot of people who felt like they didn’t have an advocate, or anyone who knew what was going on to help them. I felt very clearly in my heart and mind that I could be that person, so I became a licensed Real Estate agent, and here I am! I find myself constantly trying to find ways to make this easier. In this world of 7 second sales pitches it feels daunting to be able to explain to anyone the process of buying a house, but if you’ve made it this far you probably owe it to yourself to contact someone. I would love to talk with you about all of this, but if you already know a Realtor who can help you by all means don’t way, pick up your phone! Buying or fixing up a house won’t fix all of your problems, but it could sure be a great reset button, and if you are ready to make a change it might be time to stop holding yourself back.

Grady Carter
Realtor®, GRI
Metro Brokers of Oklahoma
Lic. #160723

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