Guess Which City Was Just Deemed Most Affordable in The Nation – The 10 Best Cities In America

I’ve been saying this for years but Norman, Oklahoma is an amazing place… I’m not saying that Norman is better than wherever you call home, I’m just saying I love my home, and so does my pocket book (that’s old school slang for wallet kids). According to the Huffington Post Norman was just heralded as the most affordable city in the country! Now there are more affordable places to live, but this is apparently factoring in what you get for what you pay.

Most Affordable City in America!

Most affordable city: Norman, Oklahoma

Tired of your insane property taxes and $13 juniper-infused negronis? Consider a move to Norman, Oklahoma, where the price of gas is $3.48 per gallon (that’s 3.8 percent less than the average fill-up in the U.S.), a movie ticket runs you $8.50 and the average house costs $82,000. Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index

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